Safety First

At Allied we are committed to safety above all else and this commitment is core to everything we do. Our proactive approach creates value for our customers and safeguards our most important asset - our employees.

Our entire team is dedicated to maintaining a safety-focused and environmentally sound business. Our safety culture is promoted by each member of our team through planning, implementing and evaluating safety practices on a daily basis.

Allied is working towards being VPP certified. Our goal is to make safety a priority for our team and clients work place.

Our substance abuse program includes Pre-hire, Post Accident, Fitness for Duty, For Cause and Random Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Alliedís safety program is proactive and action oriented, everyone from management to trades people are involved in making a zero incident work place a reality.

Our goal at Allied is to make our work environment safe for our team and to ensure we carry this standard with us to our customer jobsites.